Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fish and Chips on the Quay at Sandwich

Our friend has her next course of chemotherapy on Thursday and we all wanted a trip out. I never got up until two pm. And after some general faffing around we got to Sandwich about  six thirty. A warning light on the car had delayed us but better late than never. I settled for cod and chips and if you ever find yourself in Sandwich the chip shop by the bridge on the quay is our favourite and I wholeheartedly recommend the cod and chips. I can't remember what Heather had I think it was a child's portion after all she is only five foot nothing. After finishing I asked Heather to move because the Sun was blinding me. We headed out of Sandwich towards Worth and then headed off the main road, you can't really get lost but we didn't actually know where we were. We headed towards a name on a signpost until we either go there or were attracted to a better sounding name on a new signpost.
So although technically not knowing where we were we  knew if the next sign post away from the way we wanted we could always retrace our route. It was dark when we finally got home. But it's been a great evening out and now I am tucked up in bed with a new bottle of Peptac and I have downed some painkillers let's hope I can get some good sleep. I am overdue a catheter change so a call to the district nurse is my first job for the morning. Oh and I need a haircut after all I have to look good for my adoring public. Night folks sleep tite.

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