Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Been in bed all day long

I wrote my last post whilst enjoying a midnight feast washed down with the obliquitary peptac. This morning I felt awful. I am due a catheter change so maybe I am brewing an infection. I am a master of urine infections I have had so many I could write a book on them. I have been asleep virtually all day just stirring occasionally for a mouthful of squash. I haven't eaten all day other than a Wagon Wheel followed up by you guessed it more Peptac. It is now nine thirty and I am wide awake. My day has been turned up side down. Heather is just making me a bowl of porridge that proves it I AM NOCTURNAL! MS is fantastic it doesn't come with a user's manual and all the guide books can give no definitive answers so it is all trial and error. Today should most definitely have had an error warning attached.

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