Friday, 8 May 2015

Beautiful Bluebell Woods and Chemotherapy sickness

We have a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy and today took her and her husband out for a drive in the countryside. We ended up at the woods after visiting one of our old picnic sites and the woods were a carpet of blue.  In the afternoon sunshine some recently coppiced hillside had an almost purple blue haze glistening in the bright sunlight. Ten minutes later the realities of chemotherapy came back to haunt as we pulled over for a sick stop. That unfortunately is the reality when to are feeling so low with both the cancer and the treatment that your body cannot cope and rejects the food you try and nourish it with. My feeling crap pailed into insignificance with what she is going through. We headed home so she could rest. Only two more sessions for her and then we all hope she will be clear.
It put it into perspective today. Here was a fit healthy wife,mother, grandmother struck by this insidious illness just trying to behave as nothing was wrong and she suffers in the beauty of nature. It was just wrong the paradox was to extreme. I just ask all of you who read this to see beauty in flowers, and next time you think badly  of anything or anyone remember the beauty of the Bluebell wood and remember beauty and pain live side by side. X X Don.

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  1. Don - this brought back memories. lt was this time of the year - 5yrs ago - l took a friend of mine out for a drive to see the lovely spring wild flowers and for a change of air. She also was suffering with cancer - and had gone through all the chemo. l opened up the sunroof -- but had the heated seats on. We drove up and down lanes - locally- that we had never actually ventured down before. Driving nowhere - just ambling slowly and seeing things you would normally drive past. We spotted a church tower across some fields - and eventually we weaved our way to see it. Little village church with a beautiful cemetery full of wild flowers. Bluebells,campions,primroses, wild garlic, celendines,milkmaids - it was like a little piece of heaven. My friend found it peaceful - uplifting -not at all morbid or sad - which surprised me. Sadly, she lost her fight and died peacefully at home with her friends and family looking after her. We had been watching the horse-racing on the telly - and she had picked a winner. l gave her a small glass of champagne - her favourite tipple. And she just faded away looking very peaceful. Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for Don. My 33yrs of PPMS - is nothing compared to the 3yrs of cancer treatment that she suffered.


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