Saturday, 23 May 2015

Another Example of Rip off Britain

Heather came back from the chemist yesterday having gone to get a bottle of Peptac. I get it prescribed but she was taking it to our friend who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The Chemo plays havoc with her digestion and she is having trouble keeping anything down.  How much is Peptac compared to the brand leader Gavescon? Well same size five hundred mil bottles GAVESCON  was twelve quid PEPTAC three quid.
Another on me that gets me is Earex I just did a Google check four pounds city five pence for ten mill. Fort five quid a litre about two hundred quid a gallon in for those who still work in old school measurement. Considerably more expensive than petrol. Now I am not naive enough to think firms make these things for the fun of it but with those two examples I think the title rip off merchants fit.

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  1. Wilkinsons did their own version of Earex at a much reduced price. Sadly, it seems to have vanished from the shelves.


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