Friday, 10 April 2015

hit a man when he is down

I woke up around four AM. Head full of snot and unable to breathe even with my sleep apnea mask on. So finally at 4:31 I am posting about the early morning antic of an insomniac on Facebook. Since then I have coughed sneezed and wheezed and whilst I don't feel like I have a cold I keep sniffing and blowing my nose. I have had two days feeling awful with constipation I hope this is just a thing that will clear with coffee.

Its now 13;44 as I type and while I keep sneezing with great gusto I feel much better but very tired me thinks a sleep is in order but I need a late lunch first I AM STARVING. That I hope is a sign I am ok, dont they say feed a cold starve a fever

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