Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hiatus hernia acid reflux

It's twelve thirty and I had fish and chips over six hours ago. My chest hurts and my dinner (  fish and chips  ) feels like it wants to make a reappearance. I have had peptac and as I write this I have had another mouthful, I now swig it from the bottle!!
Tonight's episode is the latest in years of suffering. I can actually experience redux on a cup of tea, glass of squash and most likely I could during up distilled water I know I have tap water. What causes this sudden rejection of food from my gut? It doesn't always happen after every meal or drink but often enough to make my life awkward? As I understand it the valve in my gullet that is designed to stop the food coming back up is damaged, it allows food I eat to go down and mix with the digestive acids that are in my gut and if as in tonight's mixture the mix aggravate' s the gut  I end up with heartburn and reflux. It is trying to eject the food rather than digest the food. I suffer pains in the chest an awful taste in my throat and feel crap. I have had a few burps accompanied by the acid/food mixture coming up into my mouth. All together an unpleasant experience but one I have learned to live with. I am dog tired but dare not lay down and try to sleep because the lump in my gullet may come up and say hello.
Evidently people over fifty like me are more prone to suffering from a hiatus hernia and evidently there is not a lot that can be done about it. Tablets to reduce the acid and anti acid treatment such as Gavescon and peptic either in liquid form or tablets. It seems as if it is fire fighting rather than cure is the order of the Day. I won't give in to it I know some foods are more liable to make me suffer, I could give them foods up but I don't always suffer so it seems pointless trying to second guess. I just carry on regardless and treat it when needed and other times when I get no heartburn or other reaction I tend not to notice at least unroll the next day. If I was a car the mechanics would describe the problem as an intermittent fault. I am feeling less bloated now so hopefully I can get some sleep. Night folks.

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