Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hair gone yesterday exhausted today

I wanted to call this post hair today gone tomorrow but I had my haircut yesterday. Today I have been exhausted! How can such a simple thing as going out in the car driving about one mile getting in the wheelchair being pushed across the road and staying in the wheelchair while my hair was cut and then coming home wear me out. Admittedly we got fuel and took the scenic route home. But I slept yesterday when we got back, I mean I couldn't keep my eyes open and today I came back to bed rather than sleep in the wheelchair. My legs were really thumping before I got into bed and Heather said I was asleep virtually instantly. I am not complaining but this MS malarkey keeps you on your toes. My hair looks good, my dad was bald at fifty with a comb over, I have a receeding hair line and a number two which is short about a quarter of an inch all over. I could have it cut at home, Heather has a mobile hairdresser call but I want they adventure of going out. Sleep become me I am feeling tired again it's just after twelve and pouring heavens hard outside. Night all.

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