Sunday, 26 April 2015

Had a good week but under par today

I had a bad night with indigestion and reflux. And woke Heather at six for some medication. She made a cup of tea which I didn't drink but I did manage to drop back off to sleep. We were rudely awoken by the telephone just before ten. I know it's not early but after the night I had it seemed the middle of the night. It was our friends who had visited a few weeks back, it was nice to catch up but it would have been better if I had been sleeping still. Moments after I had settled back down Heathers mobile rings and she was summoned for grandson duty. Our youngest Grandson needed to be with grandma and grand dad for an hour to save him from getting soaked watching his big brother play a football match.
When I finally tried to get out of bed nothing wanted to work and Heather assisted me into the bathroom and I had to have help getting on the stairlift! When I eventually managed to make it downstairs I wasn't feeling to well and sat myself in the front room and let the Day carry on round me. I am now in bed having managed to get back upstairs, I watched MOTD and now am finally feeling sleepy. So I am saying good night to both you and to a particularly rubbish day. The one high life was a fresh crab sandwich. Night all.

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