Thursday, 9 April 2015

been in bed all day

Well I spent some time in the bathroom, quiet a lot of time actually. I had hoped to get up and head off to Folkestone but my bowels put paid to any plans we had. Why is it my gut rules my life? The amount of times plans have needed to be changed because of my tummy and its decision to teach me that it rules my life. Diarrhoea they say is the fastest thing on earth and pooing oneself is probably the most embarrassing. My MS has wrecked my body and moving fast to get to a toilet in time is near impossible. Hence if I am having problems I stay at home. Today has been a stay at home day. I spent so much time sitting on the loo straining I went back to bed exhausted.
Today is our eldest daughter's birthday and all the kids grandsons came here for coffee and cake. I was in bed when I overheard a conversation my youngest Grandson was having and a question that made us all smile went "why can't we have a proper Grandad? One with legs that work?"  He loves me and often says to his mum can we get grandad some new legs.
Well that was my day, I hope you had a better day than me.

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