Sunday, 5 April 2015

A funny old day

I Am in bed watching match of the Day . We had an early start today grandson number two came to visit while his mum had her hair done. He arrived and we had slept in. Heather looked after him and I stayed in bed and I slept. I was still asleep when Liverpool v Arsenal started but I did get up and watched most of it with our son. After it finished our son went to his mates and Heather went shopping. I went back to sleep! We went out and grabbed a MacDonald s burger and I have strawberry milkshake. It's a ritual I have it has to be a quarter pounder and chips and if I don't get the milkshake to I feel robbed. Heather does at times sneak in a special if it looks good but the quarter pounder is my default. We don't go that often I think the last time was before Christmas so it's not as regular as it sounds. We got back just in time to be to late for the start of the Voice.  I wanted Emmanuel to win or Lucy. I like the Hip Hopera with Will and Lucy.
I was to tired to have a shower, how can I feel tired after sleeping all night and most of the Day? I am struggling to keep my eyes open. So if this don't make any sense you know why. Montalbano the subtitle programme on channel four was good but by the time MOTD started I was knackered and at the end I wanted to write something. Now I have so good night.

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