Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sandwich in Sandwich

Ducks in a Muddy Puddle

Ducks meeting Pigeons

Bank, on the other side is the river

Today has been very bright and sunny, so much so mid morning Heather suggested a ride out. Pack both binoculars and camera and headed out. We planned our usual bacon sandwich and a hot chocolate at Pegwell Nature reserve and made a bee line for it. We never had a plan B in mind so when we turned up and the snack van  was missing we had to make plans for one fast. Plan B turned out to be sitting watching Ducks and Gulls on a flooded bit of grass in Sandwich. Heather popped into the Coop and got a sandwich and a bottle of water whilst I too dozens of out of focus ficture of the squabbling ducks. A Mum and Grandma  fed ducks as a little girl wondered where he playground had gone and why were ducks now swimming  on the spot she usually played ball.
Sandwich is a great spot and now the Pfizer have reduced their prescience and it has become the Discovery Park the area has seen lots of new firms relocate to the area. Earlier this week I got into a twitter conversation with the newest firm to relocate to the facility. Howell and Hicks are a print web design company  with a twitter account  and a Facebook account 
 Social Media evidently is the way forward. I  imagine all the firms  at Discovery Park are down and with it when it comes to Social Media. Discovery Park are on Twitter and here is a link to the website
I always try  and link to peoples websites as it promotes their business and gets the word out there. My Promote Thanet Blog was created just for that purpose, to PROMOTE THANET and seeing Sandwich is in the Thanet South area.  The seat which is being contested by Nigel Farrage in the election.
My camera has a card that needs a different reader so until I can sort out the pictures imagine what a duck swimming in a giant puddle looks like. All other pictures pinched from the web.

Self explanatory

Discovery Park Sandwich Kent

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