Friday, 27 March 2015

Multiple sclerosis takes no prisoners

I suffer from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I have had it in excess of twenty years and although it has won every battle that has been waged I have never given in to its wants from my body easily. I started out being a bit unsteady, at the time I was a roof tiler and that is one job you want to know your sense of balance is the full ticket. Unfortunately I hadn't read the MS instructions manual and ended up being carried in a fireman lift off of a three story roof, that was scary and could have ended up with us both being fast tracked to heaven. Unfortunately a short while later the guy who carried me, he died in a diabetic coma. Diabetes is a killer and took a true mate. I had to start using one stick at first then two this the progressed to crutches then a walker and finally I am in an electric wheelchair. I have had a scooter for over fifteen years because it made life easier at first then became an essential bit of kit if I wanted to go more than about fifty feet from my front door.
This week has been tough because we have had visitors. They used to stay at the house but now book in to the Holiday Inn. Of course I can't keep up with them but I certainly tried. I won't eat out anymore my hand to eye coordination is shot, I end up wearing food. We ate in and had trips out but even that took its toll and my bowels played me up leaving me bed bound for a couple of days. They headed off home earlier this morning and it took them over eight hours to get home to Lancashire. I have hardly moved all day TV or computer has been my entertainment. My MS has said no to even crossing the landing and now I am in bed and a painkellered up sleep is next on the horizon. I have had a great week but I don't think that the next few days are going to be up to much. Never mind Easter is only a few days away now.


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