Monday, 2 March 2015

Multiple sclerosis sucks

My MS is odd I had a fall last week and spent a lot of time on the floor. My efforts to get myself up off the floor exhausted me and yes I had some time in bed recovering. That's not unusual, if we go out for a walk it exhausts me and by walk I am in the wheelchair and Heatheris walking and pushing  me then I need to recover. But what was unusual this time is my muscles. Here I am four days later and it is only now they are starting to hurt. My knees took the brunt of my fall and head they are grazed but the bruising has only appeared today. My hips hurt like mad today but why didn't they hurt yesterday? I have always had a good threshold of pain but I am getting weaker as I grow older. My body strength has deteriorated I couldn't pull myself up and I always prided myself on being fit, but now I am fit for nothing.
Multiple Sclerosis is often in the news for different scientific break throughs but it always seems it for the other types of MS. Break throughs for Primary Progressive never seem to be in the headlines and whilst I don't envy other sufferers their respite I do wish for once PPMS got some good news.

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