Monday, 23 March 2015

Multiple Sclerosis good days and bad days

Often people have said to me oh you have MS you get good days and bad days. They say it as if I just get the odd day feeling a little below par and the rest of the time I am running around. Like a spring lamb. I wish. Yesterday we went out with our friends, we had a fantastic time driving through the countryside stopping so Heather could take some photos of the actual spring lambs. We had coffee in Whitstable and a steak dinner when we got back.I haven't mentioned the struggle to get in and out of the wheelchair the discomfort I endure all day everyday. No it was a good day.
Today has been a complete contrast. Unable to get out of bed today, I slept most of the Day, waking to drink squash and take some more painkillers. This must be a bad day. A monumental effort to get from bed to wheelchair and an ever more monumental effort to get from wheelchair to toilet. Heather administering an enema was great fun. It took three of us to do that. Our friend's run a care home so are used to  it but they are on holiday not quite what they had come away to be doing. The enema never worked oh joy of joys. I am back in bed again Now thinking today's a bad day and even yesterday's good day was not exactly what I would call good. Yes my good day consisted of doing good stuff but I wasn't exactly good just a little less bad. So I am going to answer the next person who mentions good days and bad days with this "no I have bad days and some really awful days" Good days, if only I knew what they were.

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