Saturday, 21 March 2015

Indigestion wakes me up

Three fifteen and wide awake. Blooming indigestion burning in my chest. I had taken my sleep apnea mask off about an hour earlier so to go with it I had a dry sore throat  from snoring that coupled with the fact of  only two hours sleep I am not doing to bad. It's not all bad I have got to use up my lives on candy crush!  Heather has just made me a cup of tea, love her she saw the light on and comes in to check on me. I could probably go back to sleep now but sheer bloody mindedness won't let me. Indigestion ain't beating me, I will stay awake to spite myself now, I am that type of guy. We have friend's visiting, they are staying at the Holiday Inn the fact I am exhausted will make for an interesting day tomorrow.  Well an interesting later today is more precise.  By the time I am up and showered all will be fine!
I take landlords for the reflux/indigestion plus some other stuff before meals and peppermint oil yet I still suffer. Gavescon tablets and liquid work but recently my GP prescribed Peptac because it is less expensive than Gavescon. It goes right through me  and for someone who has mobility issues that's not a good combination. Oh the joys of Multiple Sclerosis, when I get better I will write a story about it. I still wake up sometimes thinking I an OK, just that fleeting moment and then I remember, I can't walk, I can't even get out of bed unaided but for that nano second I had forgotten. The joys of life with primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Mind you some mornings I wake up exhausted, I explain to Heather I was running cross country or climbing up on a roof  in my sleep. She just looks at me and gives me that knowing smile. Oh well I must have another life on Candy Crush by now. Wish me luck I got down to only needing one jelly earlier.

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