Monday, 2 March 2015

I did a Madonna

What I can here you say? I did a Madonna, I fell over. I fell gracefully in the bathroom picking up a bit of errant loo paper. Silly really, I knew I wouldn't be able to get it but I tried and I failed. I have bruised knees to prove it and pains in the rest of my body to remind me just how stupid I actually am. When Madonna falls  it's headline news all over the world but day in and day out people like me cope with the vageries of illness that stops them in their tracks. I spent an hour unable to get up just laying on the floor in that hour I did manage to get from bathroom to landing. I did turn round 360 degree' s hurting both hips  and a shoulder trying to stand.
It wasn't until Heather came home she had been accompanying our youngest daughter to Ashford hospital for emergency ear treatment. She normally only goes out for short trips. It wasn't until she got back that I stood a chance of getting off the floor. Out come the electric camel a special piece of kit that uses pumped air to gently raise me up. It had and still has an air leak. It raised me about three inches. What do we do now. Call upon the goodwill of a neighbour. Normally we would call our son but he was in Brighton for a meeting. I was eventually raised and deposited into bed and I knew I was exhausted and despite trying to get up had to spend two days in bed recuperating from doing a Madonna. If any of the daily paper's want my story call my agent. I am going to go back to bed I am exhausted just thinking about it all.

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  1. Oh Don, I am so sorry you fell. I bet you were exhausted after all that. Keep us posted on when they call for your story. I'd rather hear yours than Madonna's, with all due respect to Madonna but you are far more important to us :) xxx Denise


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