Friday, 6 March 2015

Constipation kicks in after my fall

Great I had a fall eight days ago and have been hurting ever since. When you hurt you take pain killers. I took pain killers and when I change any medication my bowels remind me how fragile the tight rope I walk is. I had still been taking  the Movicol every  day and using the Micro Enema's but no movement. Then last night before bed I finally went. It was exhausting I went to bed completely and utterly knackered. MS is a funny old disease I was in bed exhausted and unable to sleep. Then  about 1:30 am I  drop off to sleep. I wake up at 03:30 and toss and turn as best I can until 7:30 am and I manage to doze until just before nine when Heather comes in to make tea and get me out of bed.
Constipation is a huge problem for people. Every day on television we see adverts for people with slow metabolisms Senna this and fibre that. I see the NHS has much information on the web and this is because of the size of the problem. So many people feel under the weather because of a problem many dont wish to talk about. My advise  is do talk ask your chemist speak to your GP ask you mates. You can surprise yourself help is at hand, you dont have to suffer in silence. 

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