Sunday, 15 March 2015

Catheter change makes me weary

Yesterday was no different to normal, I knew I was due for my catheter to be changed and I got slightly nervous. Over the years I have had a catheter I have ended up with trips to hospital it's perhaps  no wonder that it disturbs me. But since having my supa pubic catheter I have had no trouble. Where as with the ureatheral one I had a urine infection virtually every month and even ended up with scepticemia and was very ill and hospitalized for several days, the supa pubic catheter has been fabulous. No trips to hospital no infection to speak of so why do I still get nervous come time to have it changed? I put it down to  nerves. I wouldn't have said I was nervous but since my MS has got hold of me I am a nervous wreck.
You must have heard the joke "what lays at the bottom of the sea shaking? A NERVOUS WRECK" well that's me nowadays. I can't help it when you have had as many mishaps as me, I can fall over just because of a draught. My knees are black and blue from my last fall and a few other places to. So maybe I deserve to be a little nervous. I tell myself to man up, it'll be alright. But I am exhausted by the time the district nurse's been. It all went straight forward, no problem. But I slept all afternoon, knackered doing nothing and today I have been pretty useless as well. I watched some footie on telly but I can't say I remember much of today either. It's just passed me by. Blooming Multiple Sclerosis it's not just my body it's wrecked my mind is buggered as well.

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