Friday, 27 February 2015

if sleep really was the best medicine i wouldn't have multiple sclerosis

Nineteen hours straight yep nineteen. It's just as well I have a catheter coz after nineteen hours my bladder would have been like a football. I am still recovering from my trip to Kings hospital and I know everyone with MS is different but fatigue is constant among most suffers. Anything above and beyond my normal day puts me into melt down a trip to the barber's equals a day in bed. Well three days in Kings has meant that I am sleeping pretty much constant for the last week.
I did manage to get downstairs yesterday but the trade off was the nineteen hours. I did wage up for a couple of drinks,  Heather wakes me makes me drink and then I am straight back to the land of nod. My trip to Kings hospital was for trial for a baclofen pump unfortunately after all the effort I am not suitable but that's a story for another day I now need some sleep after all I have been awake now for a whole six hours. Yawn

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