Saturday, 17 January 2015

what passes for news

I am wide awake, I opened my eyes when the numbers on the clock said 03:15 now don't get me wrong I am not numberist or anything but I never have liked those little numbers, you know the ones I mean the ones that are on the clock before the alarm goes off. Well because l could actually read the numbers without squinting meant I was awake WIDE AWAKE.  And now those numbers are telling me it's 05:15 and Heather is making tea so I am signing off, I hope we get biccies.


  1. Hi Don I like a CD player with headphones or playing quietly if I am alone, helps to quieten some of the aches and pass the time. 4.25are my least favourite numbers had some sleep but too early to get the day started.
    Sleep well

    1. I did get back to sleep for about 30 minutes and that tea did come with biccies, the last of the Christmas ones all coated in chocolate yummy.


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