Sunday, 18 January 2015

Little things can just tip the balance

It's strange and I know full well I have mentioned this before but the littlest of things can knock my life off kilter. The Times when you actually manage to get all the ducks in a row there you are jogging along not a care in the world and then the slightest thing comes along and bites you on the bum. I have had a regime in place for my bowels, I was going most days with only a slight upset over Christmas and for some reason with my tablets being changed prior to the holiday break I hadn't noticed my regime unravel. And then to top it off this week my catheter change was due. Over due by the time it actually got done. The procedure is straightforward nothing to worry about and is done by the District Nurse in a few minutes, no pain and minimum of fuss. But I subconsciously starting to worry. Worry affects my bowels and now I am constipated.
To add to all this I got less than three hours sleep last night. I didn't dare leave the house today and when I finished watching the snooker this afternoon, I turned the sound down on the TV gets set to close my eyes and yep you have guessed it everyone comes through the door and bang goes the nap. It's now twelve thirty and I am going to finish writing this and sleep. Let's hope thing's improve bowel wise tomorrow because if you see a news article about an exploding man it will have been me. Nite folks now to sleep.
Been in bed today fast asleep and evidently snoring. I eventually came downstairs at 6:30PM. Back in bed after spending an unsuccessful hour on the loo. Just watched Match of the Day now can't sleep see even the simplest of things can mess things up.

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