Monday, 12 January 2015

Life expectancy growing shorter

I read in the Independent online article about life expectancy that we are expected not to live as long in future. READ ARTICLE HERE
I feel as if it is a direct result of the cuts made in Councils Social care and stupidly the way the NHS treats old people. There seems to have become a lack in funding for care in the community for seniors. This results in shorter life expectancy, one way of dealing with the funding crisis! Unfortunately cuts like those undertaken don't show immediately it is only know at the end of five years are the true results of the austerity cuts beginning to show. The problems on the horizon will be far greater because we are only about one third into the proposed reductions in funding.
I have friends who own care home's specialising in care for the Elderly and Mentally Infirm EMI and the cuts in funding have ment vast changes all down to the race to cut spending. I don't know what the answers are but I am sure the Elderly people who are often the last to ask for help will be the first to suffer.


  1. Hi Don, I got less aches and a bit more mobility than you, but you show the way to live life even if it's just to change the percentages for those pen pushers. ;-) I got past 55 last year so am on the slippery slope now.
    Best wishes Chris

  2. Chris think of it as more of a ski slope taken with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face. Don't be scared to let out some ear splitting shrieks along the way it draws people's attention and all the time they are staring at you they are letting others alone.

  3. last time I went skiing I was brought down on one of those sledges head first behind the fastest skier on the mountain, the ground going past 4/5 inches underneath me, I coped ok until went over the ice. Think of uncontrolled blackboard shrieks of runners sliding over the ice with my tiny squeak of fear lost in the wind. I now use walking poles to walk and open car window to mess my hair up. But still have my memories ;-) Chris


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