Saturday, 3 January 2015

Home Alone

Heather has gone for a coffee and a catch up with one of her girlfriends I never got invited but wouldn't have gone , it gives her chance to moan about me rather than to me. She is a real saint and puts up with all this stuff with a smile and we have a good laugh but it must get her down. Carers ar our lifeline and without them we would often sink. I cant even get out of bed without her help. Still the cats away and this mouse would play but there is not a lot to play with. I have the choice of dozens of telly channels the radio will play via the TV and I have the paper. We only buy one newspaper a week and that's the Saturday Times it has the TV guide and enough newsprint to last me for the other six days of the week. Given the choice of all these distractions I end up as usual on the laptop I gave the paper a cursory glance watched James Martin on Saturday Kitchen and now Nigel Slater is sending me to sleep, his voice is like syrup. I actually slept all night which is a surprise seeing as I slept all of yesterday. I was awake for less than five hours before I was snoring again.
Today kicked off at 6:00 but that was when I woke Heather makes me tea in bed (a job I did for her for over thirty years) and she finally got me up and dressed and downstairs for just after 9:00. I am now officially bored so maybe a glance at my Christmas pressie from the Vicar:- Fifty Sheds of Grey.
He has a wicked sense of humour and yes it is about SHEDS not SHADES of Grey

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