Friday, 2 January 2015

Heartburn and indigestion

I suffer in silence, if you believe that your soft in the head. Everyone knows what a martyr I am to my bowels. I can suffer indigestion after a glass of water so after feasting today I am now paying the price for over indulgence. Roast pork with crackling and five bird roast with stuffing roast potatoes and olives, then Stilton cheese and crackers. Washed down with red wine and some sixteen year old port to finish off. No blooming wonder I can't sleep, I turned Match of the Day off over an hour ago and Heather has just made tea. She claims she could hear me tossing and turning but I think she can't sleep either. Now I am sitting up my indigestion doesn't hurt so much but as I said I am a martyr and I suffer in silence. My dad had an hiatus hernia my brothers and sisters also have one but I don't ask my doctor, it seems silly to ask when I know what the answer will be.
I take gavescon and Peptac but tonight it ain't touching it. My own fault I can hear you saying but what would life be if I always ate plain food. I put it down to forgetting to take some peptic after the meal so I am to blame. Now you won't hear that very often I never accept the blame. Maybe it was Heathers cooking, yes it's her fault nothing to do with me over indulging. But it was worth it. How often do I get all of my family round the same table, the grandsons pulling crackers and party poppers our son and daughters revert to being kids when they all get together so a bit of indigestion and heartburn is a small price to pay for the fun I have had today. Happy New Year everyone and to top it all Tottenham Hotspur beat Chelsea, what a result.

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