Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hair Cut and Argos

Heather wanted to take me for a haircut be for Christmas but I refused. I haven't been the full ticket and avoiding anything extra was one of my coping mechanism' s. Well yesterday I decided I couldn't put it off any longer and I bit the bullet and went. When I was really bad Heathers hairdresser cut it for me at home but getting out and visiting a hairdresser is a social thing as well as a practical thing. I have a good banter and have known the apprentice there since she was at college and she is now mid twenties and planning her marriage got a house etc. So it is a social thing and they know me, I stay in the wheelchair and have a number two all over and one of the girls in there shaves my neck with a cut throat razor, unfortunately she doesn't work Mondays so if I go on my regular day, which is Thursday next time I will get the cut throat treatment.
 I struggled getting into the car to go and even though it's only a short journey I really had problems getting out and into the wheelchair. As I said I have my haircut in the wheelchair and even with all my talking it was only fifteen minutes before I was struggling to get back in the car. I really had difficulty getting back into the car and I think I alarmed a few shoppers and both myself and Heather with my antics getting from wheelchair to car. Heather rather than bring me straight home took me with her to Argos. I stayed put in the car and a few minutes later she returned empty handed. We had to go and collect the stuff she wanted from another store locally. So by the time we eventually got home my legs were behaving and I got back indoors with no hassles. All that for a blooming haircut.

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