Saturday, 24 January 2015

Depression and Kings hospital baclofen pump trial

Anyone who follows this blog will know before Christmas I was very depressed. I am usually a glass half full type of guy but after over twenty years of a downward spiral with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis the idea of another hospital visit and disruption to my world and nothing to show for it sent me into a fug of depression. I make no apologies, I don't usually suffer from depression but before Christmas I filled my boots. Since then I have had a great family Christmas and the help of extra anti depressants I waited for news about being accepted for the trial to see if I qualified for a baclofen pump. I went for the assessment and yes I qualified.
Last week the letter arrived and I am booked in for mid February. We have had test swabs done for MRSA and all things being equal I will be in Kings Hospital and having a test dose injected into my spinal colum for the trial in a few weeks time.
So how does depression fit into all of this? I take anti depressants on a regular basis possibly not such a surprise when  you consider I have suffered from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for in excess of twenty years. Before Christmas I had seen Consultants and MS specialists and discussed the possibility of having a Baclofen Pump fitted to deliver the  drug direct into my nervous system. That hopefully will enable me to move more easily as it relaxes the muscles in a way tablets cannot. You may well wonder why I got depressed over the possibility of being given the chance to change my life.
It may sound odd but after twenty odd years of nothing really making any difference to my MS I am at best sceptical that having this pump fitted is going to make my life any better. I know it's not the end of the world going to Kings but I went out for a couple of hours today and am exhausted so regular trips to Kings will knacker me. I am excited and sceptical in equal measure, I am after all a Libra so the scales are balanced.

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