Friday, 19 December 2014

Visit from GP

I just had a visit from my GP. She had said after her last visit she would phone and catch up after my visit to Kings and find out about the Baclofen Pump. Well she never phoned and then today just as Heather was getting ready to go see the grandson at his carol service the phone goes  and as soon as the Doc is here. She is lovely and she came and sat with me on what turned out to be he day off. Not that she minded we talked about my bout of depression and the pump the trip to Kings her kids and my kids and we put the world to rights, it was wonderful. She had warned it would only be a twenty minute visit but it lasted over half an hour she had to go as her dog would be crossing its legs at home and she had been longer at the surgery than she had thought and now spent more time with me, I hope the dog was OK.

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