Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pain what is pain

A couple of time lately I have been asked where do I hurt and my reply in the lounge and the kitchen plus the bedroom has been met with the derision it deserves. Pain to me is hitting your thumb with a hammer, or once I had my leg in plaster and I fell down the stairs, now that really did hurt. But most days yes I hurt but it ain't nothing to write home about. Pain is relative in my opinion if you know it is not going to be around long it can be regarded as temporary and in that case ignored. It could be the same degree of pain but it ain't going anywhere then you need to do something to remove it from your life, restore the equilibrium even if that equilibrium is just a lesser degree of pain. I like pain killers and if I am in pain, not the default level but the area when I think this hurts I take them but if I took them all the time I doubt they would be as effective.
I hurt all the time in the lounge the bathroom bedroom in fact everywhere I don't think I will use that line of reply anymore the looks it got were cutting and cuts hurt.

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