Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's resolutions put on weight

Well now it's official that you can be classified as disabled for being a Billie Bunter I am making it my aim to put on weight. I am already in a wheelchair and unable to walk so I don't think it will take much to tip me over. I am already the heaviest I have ever been but that's due to the inability to walk anymore. I used to run everywhere and for years until I gave up work I always tipped the scales at below ten stone. In near on twenty years I have put on three stone and as I said I have never been heavier. But now I can become double disabled I think I should go for it. Do you get extra benefits for being lardy? Maybe I can qualify for extra to buy more food.
I could get diabetes and become more of a burden on the NHS maybe get the hospital to amputate my legs if the diabetes gets bad enough. I don't need them they don't work anyhow.
How can people who can't say no be classed as disabled. The eurocrats who want to class being fat as a disability are mad. It takes away the urgency our NHS faces with the obesity problem. In one stroke it legitimizes being fat. People will reguard eating junk food as an illness. I am not fat I am addicted to pizza will be the cry of the people who don't want to get the pounds off. Please if you read this have the guts to tell people they need to eat better and look after themselves better. 

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