Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Years Eve in Margate, 2015 Election and pessimism

I have been blogging on my Promote Thanet Blog about places to go on New Years Eve. Personally I will be tucked up in bed as usual but with one exception. I shall have a glass of whisky to toast the New Year in and wash away the taste of 2014. My days of going out in the crowds are over, at nearly sixty years old I am pleased to see another year but I know very little will change even though we have the General Election looming large on the horizon. I have just been reading an article about Politics being run by predominantly straight white men. It is almost 100 years since women first got the vote so if in that time we have had very little change you can bet we ain't going to get any change next year other than more testosterone filled men talking about change.

Ballot box
Very little will change next year so enjoy your few hours of fun, I can remember back as a much younger man/boy I went to Trafalgar Square and got into the fountains life looked so exciting then, but now as 2015 nears and I have seen over forty New Years since that soaking I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Forgive me if I don't get excited but I have been around for near on sixty years and each year comes and goes but very little changes, My New Year Resolution is to be less pessimistic. HOW AM I DO SO FAR ???

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