Saturday, 27 December 2014

I dream that I can walk

I sleep an awful lot which is great, it passes the time. I don't have to find something to fill that time, but while I am sleeping I dream. Sometimes in black and white and sometimes it's in colour.I don't know if there is any relevance to dreaming in colour but I thought I should mention it. People have said I dream because of the medication I am on, I don't believe that. My medication have changed over the years but my dreams are constant. I can't remember the time before Multiple Sclerosis but I expect I was a dreamer even then. In my dreams I am never disabled, always able to walk and run or even on a bike. I find it odd that I never dream about the wheelchair or my scooter. And I am always young. About thirty I would guess, not  that I remember being thirty.
Another odd thing is the people in my dreams are often from the present very rarely from the time I would have been thirty. I don't know why I even prompted myself to write this down, it's not something I am concerned about, I just find it odd. Some people say your dreams can tell you about yourself. I don't hold with that. I just think dreams are sleeps way of filling in the time. A bit like me when asleep reading the paper or a book, something to while away the time. I am writing this in bed  just before sleep so if anything changes over night I will let you know but I must say nite NITE now as I am yawning my head of.

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