Sunday, 14 December 2014

EVERYTHING IS OK the DFS sale is still on

This is how things are, I woke up this morning and my MS had other ideas. I went to get out of bed and my body wasn't having any of it. Heather helped me get across the landing and into the bathroom but I had to get in the wheelchair  to get back. There was no way I could risk going downstairs so it was back to bed for me. And I have  spent the day in bed sleeping. I woke up and Heather made my some food, we turned the TV. on and the world hadn't stopped turning. The first set of adverts came on and the DFS advert is still running advertising the DFS SALE. Heather had been watching some soppy Christmas film on Channel 5 and as usual I ended up crying, so even when my world stopped turning the rest of the planet keeps on going.

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