Friday, 19 December 2014

choosing a new disability scooter

I am at the beginning of a journey that will end up with me as the proud owner of a new disability scooter. It will be new as in brand new because our old next door neighbour but one has had tremendous trouble with a second hand one he purchased from a disability shop and it cost him more than a brand new one in the end. I am not going to have that hassle. I already have a scooter a Shoprider and it is bashed and battered and I need one with wheels in each corner, my present one has two wheels at the front but they are about six inches apart and I have grown steadily more unsure on it, I expect it's an age thing. Plus it is well used and the once firm ride is saggy as bolts have grown oval in there holes what was once a firm chassis is now like riding on a wallowing ship. I just don't feel comfortable on it anymore.
So after fourteen years I am researching a new scooter. I will be buying online, the last one came via courier, TNT I think delivered it and deposited into our hallway. Huge great cardboard box delivered from Manchester to Margate and I hadn't even paid for it, I doubt that will happen again I sent the cheque after I had received it. Different more trusting world back then. Well came after Christmas I am going to start looking around but I won't be buying until I have been into hospital and had my surgery for the baclofen pump. Wish me like.

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