Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Baclofen Pump trial at Kings Hospital

I had an early start last Friday, not as early as when I used to work in London twenty five years ago but early by my present day standards. We had a ten o'clock appointment and a friend was going to drive Heather and myself up to Kings for an assesment to see if I am eligable for a Baclofen Pump. The very idea of spinal surgery has had me terrified and even left me suffering from more depression than usual. Good job has been done by my antidepressants and I was feeling less stressed by the time came for this appointment. Everything went well and we arrived at Kings with time to spare. It jas all changed since I was there last, it is a WONDERFUL new building now not like the dump I was in last time I was there. The specialist was running forty minutes late but never once did she try to rush things and I was in with her for over an hour having all the details explained to me. It turns out I am a prime candidate for a Baclofen Pump. Baclofen was the first tablet I took for muscle relaxant and over time I kept upping the dose until it was like popping sweeties. With the pump it delivers the baclofen direct into the spinal cord and the drug goes straight to work without affecting the rest of the body.

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