Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Todays been good

We woke very early today. Heather came in at 5:30 explaining the time on her clock said 6:30 and after I explained where the big hand was and the little hand etc. She gave up made tea and climbed into bed with me moaning about the lack of sleep. We had both been disturbed by a beeping from the fire alarm, it decided 2:15AM. was the best time to remind us it's battery needed changing. So that accounts for Heather' s inability to tell the time. She had to get up early to take Grandson number two through to school. His mum needed to be to work early she works for a sign makers and had been involved in the signs for the new Sainsbury store opening at Westwood Cross shopping centre in Broadstairs. She had an invitation to meet and great and needed to be there early. WELL that all went according to plan. But the next bit was made up on the cuff.
Friends have been staying and they along with Heather and daughter number two, the mum of grandsons one and three  we're meeting up for coffee. I was due to stay at home I hate shopping centres and coffee shops. All change Grandson number one was off school so instead of the coffee shop she was at home and had to deliver him down to us when she had to go to work at 12:00. Are you paying attention? I now had my planned peace shattered. But Grandson number one was poorly he sat in my rise and recline chair ate his packed lunch never said much as I sat in the wheelchair snoozing. He went home when his mum finished work. Our friends called round and we had a fish and chip tea and watched sloppy Christmas movies WHY DO THEY MAKE ME CRY.

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  1. Hi Don just watched the cat video gave me a smile.
    I'm going to be full time GM to DGD over Christmas school runs and catering etc. so I can relate to mum cat.
    Hope your op goes ok I am putting off op on back for arthritis in spine so am wishing you all the best. Chris


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