Thursday, 6 November 2014

Indigestion and heartburn plus reflux

I have had indigestion problems for years, as a boy I remember that my dad always had Renies in his waistcoat pocket so maybe it is hereditary. I know my siblings suffer as well, two of them have hiatus hernia' s. Some bay's I don't have any problems. I take medication when I get up and I am fine all day. Other days same medications and I suffer reflux and really painful heartburn. I mean painful. I have tried all sorts and the redux is awful dinner or even just a glass of squash back up into my mouth. I used to chew Gaviscon tablets, in fact I am about to take some as I type this up. My gut is gurgling away and soon my evening meal will be coming back to say hello. I am laying in bed writing this, sometimes going from sitting to laying down can trigger a reflux action but tonight I have been here nearly two hours and I always have a glass of squash and a mouthful has set my gut into a symphony of strange noises. I just had a mouthful of gavison liquid and it has styled down.
I am fed up with the status quo so tomorrow I aim for a telephone consultation with the doctor. There must be a way to cut this down to size.

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