Sunday, 2 November 2014

I am disabled and wheelchair bound

All this nonsense about what to call disabled people has made me smile. It must be the silly season and the newspapers have a shortage of real news. I am disabled and I am confined to a wheelchair. End of as far as I am concerned people can call me what they want other than scrounger. Lots of disabled people have been given a hard time by idiots who may be able bodied in all departments other than sense. But I am not referring to those idiots but another bunch of idiots both disabled and able bodied ie. none disabled people. They have been noisily debating what they should call people who unfortunately are not able bodied. Should they refer to disabled people as handicapped? or less abled the list of stupidity goes on and other than filling column inches for journalists I can see no benefits to the debate. I am disabled and as far as I am concerned call me anything you like.

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