Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why is exercise so hard to do?

When I finally manage to get my sorry butt out of bed, washed and dressed plus in a fit state to face the rigors of the Day I always reckon I am going to be better today than I was yesterday. I am kidding myself but I always think I will have at least a wander round the living room or down the hall with my zimmer. Do a few squats or dig out the weights and sit in the wheelchair and lift the medium weighted ones fifty times over my head. Who am I kidding? Not you, I know you would love for me to throw away my zimmer and run bare foot down the road and thrice round the park.
I could have done that once twenty five years or so ago. But now I have trouble lifting my slippered foot for more than a dozen steps a cross the landing. I don't pick up the weights because I will be a physical wreck if I try and achieve more than a very few lifts. In my head I could do all these tasks but in reality I can do little more than imagine. My brain is the one muscle that keeps on working, nowhere near as good as it once did but it's much better than the rest of my body. But there is always tomorrow maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I am the eternal optimist . But for now I need my beauty sleep in preparation for tomorrow. Night folks.

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