Sunday, 26 October 2014

Odd sort of day

Woke up as usual when Heather started moving around in her room. She made tea, we have a kettle in my room and each night bring a tray complete with teapot cups etc up to the bedroom ready for our morning cuppa. When I was working I always made Heather tea in bed every morning. As my MS made me unsteady carrying things I used to make tea on the floor in our bedroom. Now I can't get out of bed unaided Heather has taken over the task. Back to today, I didn't want to wake up so decided to sleep in and sleep I did not waking unroll after 12:30 in time to watch Man City v West Ham on BT Sport in bed. I thought it would be safer staying in bed because Heather was meeting some mates for coffee.
I don't know how I can sleep for nine hours yet wake up feeling absolutely knackered. My MS causes me to be fatigued but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Usually this happens if I have been out shopping or done something the day before. Not this time, I ever had a nap yesterday afternoon! Over the years we have made my life as stress free and easy as possible, ie the tray for morning tea and loads of other adaptations to make managing my MS as easy for ourselves as easy as possible. Anyone in a similar situation would do the same, if I over exert myself I know there will be a price to pay. That's fine if we know I have friends coming I sleep before they arrive, if we go out for the Day I sleep in the following day. Then you get a day which for reasons known only to itself it comes along and bites me on the bum. I say it is the MS 're establishing its control over my body. Whatever the reason for me sleeping all day I hope it was just the one day, as nice as it may sound I don't like spending that long in bed. I know I can't do much but if I am up and out of bed I feel human.

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