Monday, 13 October 2014

I am stuffed

It is my birthday. I arrived here on planet earth fifty nine years ago today. A my brother reminded me I was delivered the same day as the tractor. My dad was a farmer just a small farm just outside Faversham from which my dad run some cattle floats kept some sheep and a bit of arable land. Nothing big but it was home for me and the rest of the family. Today nearly fifty years after my parents death I was surrounded by my own family. My wonderful wife Heather our daughters and our son my son in law and our sons partner plus our three grandsons.
It is traditional to have takeaway and the local Chinese done us proud and we even had some fortune cookies thrown in which the kids delighted in. No one went hungry and we even demolished the fruit coders Heather had purchased. After everyone  had gone and Heather tidied the last bits away I phoned my sister. Unlike my brother she remembers me being there when she got home from school, all he remembers is the Field Marshall tractor but he did say I have lasted longer than the tractor that sold for twenty pounds in 1966 to the scrap man. Maybe I will be next to be scrapped, I doubt I would be worth twenty quid.
I have had a great day. Good night fellow bloggers.

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