Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Flu jab and blood test.

Early morning phone calls, well this one wasn't that early but Heather was rushing round. We had both gone to bed knowing the car was booked into the garage for its MOT. Yep when the alarm went off we both forgot all about MOT and cars and then when the nurse called with her early morning phone call to ask did I want my flu jab when she called to do my blood test Heather remembered the car the MOT and she went into panic mode. Now to add to the panic I had to be up washed and dressed in case the nurse got.here before she managed to get back. Full blown panic mode did get me downstairs and sitting in the wheelchair waiting for the nurse.
The above confused paragraph combats in no way the panic here yesterday but it all panned well in the end, I had my flu jab plus the blood test, the car got its MOT plus a service and Heather walked home before the nurse arrived to suck blood and infect me with flu. All worked out well in the end.
I did have a while when I refused the flu jab but have embraced it whole heartedly for the last five years or so, can you imagine me with full blown flu. An image I would find unattractive in someone else let alone myself. We are back to normal today and I had a lesuirely start to the day, Homes under the Hammer in bed. It took me back one of the properties was Faversham Youth Club, I almost lost an eye in that building playing darts and I can remember watching the Beatles on Top of the Pops there. Happy memories. Heather has just gone shopping and I am finishing this post off. The GP has just called my inflamation levels in my blood are down so hopefully I will continue to improve. Marvelous service took my blood yesterday and results 24 hours later, once again first class service from the National Health Service. NHS your good.

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