Sunday, 14 September 2014

Walking in a wheelchair

Why is it I refer to being pushed in my wheelchair. As going for a walk? Is it my stubborn refusal to accept my disability? You would have thought my decline over the last twenty years would have given the good grace to accept the fact I can no longer walk but no I still refer to it as a walk. I think it must be my gradual slipping back to childhood. Heather cuts my food up for me, I have special knife and forth not with buggs bunny on them but weighted handles and extra large grips. She dresses me and takes me to the toilet I don't have a nappy but she empties my catheter bag. So maybe my walk in the wheelchair is the same as taking a baby for a walk in a pram?
In my previous post I said I need a new disability scooter, we went for a walk with the old one today. See there I go again, my feet did not take a single step yet I say I went for a walk. It was ok but I did feel very self conscious of falling off. I know I could never get myself up if I was to fall and it scares me, I mean really petrified. If I fall indoors I need wholesale assistance to go from horizontal to vertical and the big outdoors is full of unimaginable dangers like curbs and gravel or unsound surfaces. All just waiting for the unwary disabled traveller. It a tough world out there and one I suddenly feel scared in.

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  1. Apparantly Stevie Wonder uses sighted words and expressions such as "Good to see you" and "See you later". So it makes perfect sense to me.


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