Saturday, 27 September 2014

The fantastic NHS comes up trumps again

You hear so much negativity about our NHS I have written in the past about moaning patients. I know people don't want to be their and its no holiday camp but take your medicine and shut up the queue for your bed is endless. Still I am here to relay today's good news. It started with the Secretary for our MS Nurse calling and saying she had spoken to the nurse and that once clinics were finished she (the nurse) would call us back. This had all started because my own GP had called on here day off on her way to a family do miles away. She had checked in with her office about some of my results from a blood test. Hands free phones are fantastic. The GO called us at home asking us to call the MS Nurse as she wanted clarification on some figures, all above my head and I was asleep and know little of the real juggling these people have done for me today. This infection has not let up for about two weeks the last seven and a bit days I have been bed ridden so not up on all the finer details. But the gist as I understand it is: GP phones here, here phones MS Nurse,MS Nurse phones consultant,MS Nurse and consultant phone my surgery, MS Nurse phones here,we phone surgery and eventually at 7:20 this evening after a twelve hour day a young lady GP rings my door bell. She spends over thirty minutes examining me temperature, blood pressures etc she as last resort dip tests my wee. Bingo I have a urine infection. The NHS is a fantastic institution one to be saved from privatisation one to be cherished and treasured. It is a big slow dinosaur but in my near on sixty years on earth it has done me proud and today it has treated me to five star service. Bravo and thank you.

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