Friday, 26 September 2014

The Dr.Seuss MS POEM by Morgan(mgcpd)

I love MS it's just so neat 
the way it swept me off my feet 
I love the pain, I love the numb 
and sticking needles in my bum. 

I love the way my world's a blur 
the way I shake , the words I slur. 
I love my chair and walker , too 
I love MS ....I do.. I do... 

I love my lazy sleepy days 
I shake with joy within my haze 
I'm just as happy as can be 
It makes me pee and pee and pee 

I love my legs that will not walk 
my twisted tongue that will not talk 
I love the way my poop does bind 
I do believe I've lost my mind. 

(this was sent to me by my sister and was written by Morgan) 

That's me and thousands of others

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