Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Still no better Constipation now

I have found over the years with my bowels its a situation of feast or famine, not that you would wand to feast on your bowel movement. It just constipation on pooing your self and not a lot in between. I have been on a pretty even keel of late but anyone with Multiple Sclerosis will tell you don't let yourself be lulled into a false sense of well being. MS will soon bite you on the bum the moment you start getting over confident.
I have written in the past about my Constipation and trips to A&E and I once had septicaemia because of it. Recently I have discovered Micro Enema and those couple with regular Movicol sachets which coincidentally is now available in Chocolate flavour. That seems to be taking pooing to extremes chocolate flavour/coloured laxative. It reminds me of the joke at school about rainbow coloured tampons for sunny periods. Once again I digress. Constipation is one of the NHS big problems and millions of people suffer because it is a taboo subject but one that everyone has to deal with. A mate of mine has always said to me "if you don't eat you don't poo, if you don't poo you die" you have to forgive him he is Iranian but he speaks the truth, I was dangerously ill with septicaemia.
Well I have been feeling unwell for a few weeks and to a certain extent I have taken my eye off the situation. For a long time now the Movicol and Enema regime have worked for me every day but a blip if I had to much fried food chip shop chips do me like a kipper and a spanner is thrown into the works for a couple of days. Heather recons it is psychosomatic but tell that to my bowels. I am on Antibiotics for a urine infection and as we all know antibiotics can play havoc with the old tummy. I have had times of not getting to the toilet in time and now or rather earlier I couldn't go. Two enemas and lots of straining there was a five hour gap between enemas but it took that long to produce an eruption. I am now sitting in bed recovering I was so weak Heather had to push me across the landing in the wheelchair. MS has kept me in bed for the last few days, maybe it is the antibiotics working fighting their war wars against my invading antibodies or just that I am a lazy bleeder and feel like laying in bed brewing bed sores. I don't know nor the way I feel do I much care. The reason for this post is to say if you are one of those who suffer bowel problems constipation or diarrhea there is help out there speak to a doctor or pharmacist dont suffer in silence like I did

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