Thursday, 18 September 2014

Picnic indoors

After yesterdays escapades I have spent the morning in bed feeling sorry for myself and waiting for the doctor to phone back. Bethesda surgery in Palm Bay do a telephone consultation service where the doctor calls you back. For someone like  me it is a fantastic service and has saved me a lot of anguish getting to and from the surgery. I can remember trying to get a doctors appointment in the 1960's so this service is wonderful. I can remember Pam protecting doctor Edney in Faversham like a  Rottweiler and that  was just for an appointment I am sure she wouldn't approve of te doctor doing something so common as calling a patient back.
Back to today Heather has just gone to get my prescription and before she left we had a picnic indoors. Chicken and salad sandwiches and crisps. Me sat in my wheelchair and her sat at the table. The sunshine is pouring in through the window and a Collared Dove is gently cooing in the garden. If I had been feeling better we had aimed on going to the Nature  Reserve at   Canterbury. Bridge Woods I think it is called but  my MS had other ideas, still cant waste the oppertunity for  a  picnic even  if it  is in my own dinning  room. Our  son has just called in to see us and has taken his mum to collect the prescription.

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