Sunday, 14 September 2014

New disability scooter needed

I am in a wheelchair all the time now and whilst Heather never complains it is hard on her pushing me around all the time. I know that I have an electric wheelchair indoors  but when we go out it is all on her. I no longer feel safe on my scooter, I have had a couple of falls from it and it has dented my confidence. I know that if I do fall I can no longer get myself up off the floor with out some heavy-duty assistance. With all this in mind we have been looking at proper four wheel scooters. The other reason is ramps. We need to buy some new ramps to get the electric wheelchair into the car but if we replace my old scooter with a four wheel one I am saving over one hundred pounds on ramps alone. That may sound slightly odd reasoning but it has to be considered  in the overall package. Heather has found a scooter online and I know how smooth delivery of my last one was so purchasing a disability scooter from a reputable online retailer shouldn't present a problem. I did it fourteen years ago with no hitches one would hope things would have only got better. My last scooter was almost a thousand pounds cheaper on the internet than the local specialist supplier and it was exactly the same item! No prizes for guessing why I bought my disability scooter online. Time to sleep on it, night folks.

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