Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Laying in bed waiting for tomorrow

What will tomorrow bring? Will it be the okay? a day of I can cope let's just get on and take what the Day brings. Or will it be oh no this ain't going to work, I can't cope let's avoid fighting what I can't beat I give in you can have today let's try again latter? Well only tomorrow will I know the answers only tomorrow will I know if I can actually get out of bed and negotiate the physical acts of dressing of crossing the landing. Once I cross the landing there will be the silly dance I have to accomplish to turn round and get seated on the stairlift. The dance at the bottom of the stairs getting from sitting to sitting in the wheelchair, the humiliation of not getting my feet onto the foot plate things and having to ask Heather to lift my foot onto its resting place. I won't know this until tomorrow. What I do know is I couldn't do it today and I am certain that tomorrow isn't today, just because I lost the fight today doesn't mean automatic failure tomorrow.
No what it means is after a good night's sleep I will reassess the situation that tomorrow's feelings will belong too tomorrow and just because today was a rite off tomorrow stands on it's own and being on its own I am unable to pre judge. Tomorrow deserves to be judged in fresh daylight, not by what has gone before but by what lays ahead. I will know tomorrow

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