Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Endoscopy day to see seven ships

I am home now after a full day. I had not slept well so when Heather made my morning cuppa I had turned over and ignored it but eventually I did wake up and got showered had some breakfast and thenn we set off to Canterbury Hospital for a 3:30 appointment for another Endoscopy. Of course they were running late so ariving 30 minutes early only exasperated the situation. All was well and eventually we got out and headed homewards, traffic was set to standstill so a 20 minute journey took over an hour. Almost five hours and I was and still am knackered. Heather is a saint she takes all these appointments of mine in her stride and puts up with me when I am tired by all  the extra exertion. The one good thing about the trip was a chance to count the ships and my theory was proved wrong as I could only count seven ships but the reason was visability being poor the day was hot and clear but a sea mist  reduced vision.
an endoscope

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