Friday, 12 September 2014

disabled walk in shower

It's nearly one thirty am and I am awake and just checking in on my blog I noticed Google trying to tempt me with adverts from firms selling disabled showers and bathrooms. We had our bathroom converted into a wet room some four years ago. I love it. No more getting stuck in the bath and having to call our son home to help get me out of the bath a carry me to bed. I fave grab rails all round the bathroom. I still call it the bathroom even though it is now a wet room. I have a little stool to sit on as well as the wall mounted shower seat. I have rails round the toilet to aide me getting on and off. Non slip flooring which has got little bobbles that if you do fall can rip at your knee' s if you try and crawl out after a fall. After years of struggling with bath seats and bath lifts the wet room has been fantastic and if you are seeing advertising for disability bathrooms please don't leave it to late have it done when it will save you energy and use that saved energy on stuff you enjoy. 

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